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How to Make a 3D Wedding Dress Cake

Hello everyone. With this post we are offering something different. We are not telling you where to buy something but how to make. This tutorial will run you through how to make a wedding dress cake that will be fitting for a host of occasions including engagement parties and anniversaries. Lets get started, please follow the instructions as close as possible.

Wedding dress cake

This will be an all edible wedding dress cake suitable for a variety of different celebrations:

  1. The first thing we are going to do is bake two cakes. The size of cakes depends how big you would like the cake or and how many people you are catering for. For this example we are using a 12 centimetre cake bowl and a 12 centimetre cake tray. Obviously, the more people you have attending your party, then the bigger your cake will have to be.
  2. Both cakes should be baked then left settle. You will then prepare them with a butter-cream and jam filling or whatever filling you may prefer. Put them in the fridge to let them stiffen a little which will make it easier to work with. Next you are going to build them up, or stack them. To do this you are going to put a plastic dowel through the cakes, which will act as a support, or spinal frame which will prevent both cakes form toppling over. Once both cakes have been built together it is advisable to smooth them over with some butter-cream to add one last layer of support.
  3. Now you are going to smooth the cake over and make it easier to decorate, no one likes unsightly lumps. Once this is done you may put if back in the fridge for a second time until you think it is ready..
  4. It is now time to focus on the cake torso. We are going to get a bit of brown sugar-paste and make two small sugar balls. The best way to make these balls is to roll the paste in your hands using your palm.
  5. You will also roll a larger piece of the sugar-paste in your hands until there texture is clean and there are no more lines or bumps. This piece of sugar-paste is going to act as the main torso for the cake. Next you are going to start work on the waist by rolling one side smaller, again this will be done between your hands.
If you would find a visual guide of how the dress should look then please watch the following You Tube video:

  1. The next step can be achieved by using just your fingers or you may use confectionery utensils if you want to purchase some. The simplest way is to use your fingers to make some small indentations into the sugar-paste which will start to make a neck and the beginnings of 2 arm for the dress. you are to mould it slowly but surely, a little more each time it more and more, until the neck and arms begin to form. The waste will start to wider/bigger. When this occurs you can adjust it back by rolling it between your hands again. It is advisable to make the waist slightly thinner than you require as it will get larger when it is time to coat it with sugar-paste further down the line when making a dress for it.
  2. We have to now flatten the parts of the torso. This will include the neck, arms and waist. To achieve this we can place them on a flat surface and turn them gently.
  3. It is now time that to attach breast shapes to the cake torso. The sugar-paste breasts are attached by using edible glue. By pressing them against the torso they will soon stick. Once this done you may smooth them over to give a more natural look.
  4.  You will now roll out a piece of sugar-paste that will be able to cover the entire cake. Place the piece of sugar-paste of over the cake roughly at the centre and push a dowel through the sugar-paste. in the middle at the top.
  5. To make a pleated effect you may lift a piece of the sugar-paste dress and fold it. You can repeat this process all the way around the dress.  To give the skirt the correct size and with you find suitable you may trim the sugar-paste at the base with a confectionery wheel tool.
  6. Next you will work on the torso again. Simply press the torso your torso down upon the inserted dowel until both parts are touching and the skirt and cake looks acceptable.
  7. To create the top of the dress we are required to roll out another piece of sugar-past. This piece will be attached to the torso where the breasts are located. Edible glue is best for attaching at this point.
  8. The decorating of the dress can now be started. Royal icing can be used to create a pearl effect around the base of the dress. This is only an idea as you can of course design your dress to your own taste.
  9. You can decorate the top and waist with numerous decorations and can even give the dress a necklace by using the a fore mentioned royal icing.
  10.  The dress cake has now been completed.

If this dress cake is for a specific occasion (IE your friends wedding), then yo can alter the dress to look like the real one she will be wearing. Remember to get creative and add as much details as you like.

If anyone requires any further instructions or guidance then please contact us by email. Your details will be forwarded to the bakery that provided this helpful tutorial and they will respond on our behalf. If you would prefer to contact them directly you may do so. Simply go online and search and find the link. The cake team there are very helpful and friendly and have expressed a desire to help anyone who is struggling. Please provide any feedback about improvements for this article of the site in general.

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  1. Lorraine

    I have to say that this is rather cute, a dress cake would be perfect for a bridal shower. I might say to my sister to make one, she is into baking and all that :)

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